West Coast lawmakers push permanent drilling ban

As we noted Wednesday, several Florida Democrats are pushing for new limits on offshore oil exploration, at least while the federal investigations into the Gulf of Mexico spill are underway.

On the West Coast, there's an effort to go even further.

Several House members from the West Coast want to permanently re-impose the moratoria on offshore drilling there, even though federal plans don’t even contemplate lease sales in Pacific waters. Bans on oil-and-gas leasing along the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts expired in 2008.

From the Congressional Record list of bills introduced Wednesday:

By Mr. GARAMENDI (for himself, Mr. FARR, Ms. WOOLSEY, Mr. SCHRADER, Ms. ZOE LOFGREN of California, Ms. LEE of California, Mr. WU, Mr. THOMPSON of California, Ms. CHU, Mr. FILNER, Mr. DEFAZIO, Mr. BAIRD, Ms. ROYBAL-ALLARD, Mr. SHERMAN, Ms. HARMAN, Mr. DICKS, Mr. GEORGE MILLER of California, Mr. BERMAN, Mr. STARK, and Mr. SCHIFF):

H.R. 5213. A bill to amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to permanently prohibit the conduct of offshore drilling on the  Outer Continental Shelf off the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington; to the Committee on Natural Resources.