House passes tax extenders package

After nearly a week of negotiations, the House passed a two-pronged tax extenders package Friday that includes an extension of unemployment benefits and fix for Medicare payments to doctors. 

The approximately $116 billion two-piece bill, includes a $39.5 billion extension of unemployment benefits through November, which isn't offset and $53 billion of tax extensions, summer jobs and the Pigford case settlement for black farmers, which is paid for with tax increases on investment fund managers. The total of the first package is around $92.5 billion. 

The second part of the bill is $23 billion for a 19-month "doc fix," a term referring to delaying a cut in Medicare reimbursements to doctors, which easily passed 245-171. 

The Senate left town for the Memorial Day recess before dealing with the measures, meaning unemployment benefits for some will lapse next week.