Federal officials voice concerns over BP's claims process

Federal officials are concerned that BP is allowing an unacceptable lag on large loss claims, too many pending claims and aren't calculating payments correctly for those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 

National incident commander Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen relayed those concerns Wednesday during the first in a series of meetings with BP claims officials. 

Allen directed BP to provide more information about BP's plan for paying monthly loss-of-income claims, the mediation program and how BP's claims liaisons will coordinate with local officials. 

"BP, as a responsible party, is accountable for making the communities, individuals and business impacted by this spill whole again," Allen said in a release. "We need more detail and openness from BP to fulfill to our oversight responsibilities to the American people and ensure that BP is meeting its commitment to restore the Gulf Coast."

BP says it has paid $84 million to 14,000 individuals and businesses so far for loss of income or net profit through June, according to a company release. 

Broken out by state, Louisiana has received $50 million, Alabama $16 million, Mississippi $10 million and Florida about $8 million. 

Meetings with National Incident Commander representatives and BP officials will be held in the four states affected — Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama — June 11-13.