Baucus: Extenders S corp. tax needs work

Baucus did not provide any details on changes to the provision. He did, however, say the measure's overall intent is to prevent tax abuse. 

"The whole purpose of the bill is to prevent abuse that occurs among some professional sub S corporations where management gives itself very small salaries and pays itself large dividends to avoid payroll taxes." 

Opponents contend the language in the Senate bill is ill-defined and goes too far in trying to curb that abuse. 

"I think the tax extenders package is to provide offsets, and at the liability to those companies," said Sen. Mike EnziMichael (Mike) Bradley EnziA failure to protect students and taxpayers Corker: Why can the Pentagon 'turn entire countries into craters' but not audit itself? Sales tax battle moves to the Supreme Court MORE (R-Wyo.), adding the tax as it is currently written will "affect their ability to reinvest in new jobs."

The Senate is expected to complete work on the extender package next week, at which point it will turn its attention to legislation granting additional tax relief and expanding loan opportunities to small businesses. 

"The only thing hold it up, franking, is the extender bill," Baucus said. "When that's out of the way we're going to jump into that [small business] package because it's so important."