Claims paid, loans provided to those affected by oil spill

Individuals and businesses have received more than $130 million in help so far from the federal government and BP for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The Small Business Administration has provided 98 economic injury assistance loans to date, totaling more than $5.94 million for small businesses. The agency also has granted deferments on 465 existing SBA disaster loans of those affected, totaling another $2.13 million per month in payments, according to a White House release Thursday night. 

So far, BP has disbursed more than $123 million in claims -- more than 72,000 have been filed -- as the Obama administration and the oil giant continue to work together and expedite the process. 

BP will set up a $20 billion account that will be overseen by Ken Feinberg and used to pay claims to those affected along the Gulf Coast.