Members switch votes on Wall St. overhaul

Democratic efforts to overhaul Wall Street drew stronger support Wednesday than in December.

The legislation passed Wednesday on a 237-192 vote, with three Republicans in support and 19 Democrats opposed. In December, an earlier version of the legislation passed 223-202, with no Republicans in support and 27 Democrats opposed.

Republicans supporting and Democrats opposing the June legislation:

Three Republicans support the bill:

Reps. Joseph Cao (La.), Walter Jones (N.C.) and Mike Castle (Del.)

19 Democrats oppose the bill:

Reps. Marion Berry (Ark.), Dan Boren (Okla.), Rick Boucher (Va.), Bobby Bright (Ala.), Ben Chandler (K.y.), Travis Childers (Miss.), Jim Cooper (Tenn.), Mark Critz (Pa.), Henry Cuellar (Tex.), Lincoln Davis (Tenn.), Chet Edwards (Tex.), Marcy Kaptur (Ohio), Ann Kirkpatrick (Ariz.), Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Harry Mitchell (Ariz.), Bill Owens (N.Y.), Tom Perriello (Va.), Mike Ross (Ark.) and Ike Skelton (Mo.).

Four members did not vote:

Reps. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.), Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.) and Don Young (R-Alaska).

Here is a breakdown of the changes between December 2009 and June 2010:

Republicans move to support the bill:

Reps. Joseph Cao (La.), Walter Jones (N.C.) and Mike Castle (Del.) switched their votes to support the legislation.

Democrats switching from 'no' to 'yes':

Reps. Debbie Halvorson (Ill.), Baron Hill (Ind.), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Solomon Ortiz (Tex.), Kurt Schrader (Ore.), Zack Space (Ohio), Bart Stupak (Mich.), Harry Teague (N.M.) and Pete Visclosky (Ind.) switched their votes to support the bill.

Democrats switching from 'yes' to 'no':

Reps. Travis Childers (Miss.), Jim Cooper (Tenn.) and Bill Owens (N.Y.) dropped their support for the bill.

Switched parties or resigned from Congress:

Rep. Parker Griffith (Ala.) switched parties from Democrat to Republican. Griffith voted against the bill on both votes.

Eric Massa (N.Y.) resigned his seat in March. Massa had voted against the legislation in December.

From 'no' to 'not voting':

Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) and Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.) 

From 'not voting' to 'yes':

Reps. Tammy Baldwin (Wis.), Zoe Lofgren (Calif.), Stephen Lynch (Mass.), Jim Moran (Va.), Jim Oberstar (Minn.), Charles Rangel (N.Y.) and Louise Slaughter (N.Y.).