House Democratic Caucus starts new housing task force

The House Democratic Caucus announced Friday a new task force to review policies designed to stabilize the housing market. 

Reps. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) and Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.), co-chairmen of the Housing Stabilization Task Force, "will undertake a comprehensive review of housing stabilization efforts, looking at programs that have been successful along with those that are in need of changes and improvements.," according to a release today.

"I look forward to using this forum as a means of critically evaluating those programs in place to deal with on-going foreclosure and housing issues," said Berkley, whose state is one of the hardest hit in the country by foreclosures. 

The task force will focus on several issues including, foreclosure mitigation, home valuation, lending programs and market stabilization.

"This task force represents a significant opportunity to study what is and isn't working as we work towards improving the federal response to this crisis," Cardoza said.