Large companies bullish on the economy, poll finds

"Growth companies are regaining confidence that they can deliver on their potential and their promises to investors," said Maria Pinelli, Americas Director for strategic growth markets at the firm, in prepared remarks. "Their beliefs about hitting strong numbers are great news and a potential bellwether for the markets and the economy as a whole."

Further, 73 percent are optimistic that the current economic recovery will continue to expand this year.

More than half (55 percent) of respondents said domestic operations will drive revenue growth. Another 39 percent indicated growth will be a combination of domestic and international operations. 

Companies located in the western part of the country are the most bullish on the economy, with 88 percent of their executives believing the economy will expand this year. The Southeast is the most bearish, but still 56 percent of executives there are optimistic about the economy. 

Still, despite the optimism, less than half of these companies (40 percent) anticipate an increase in hiring new employees over the next 12 months. Nearly a quarter of them (22 percent) expect to decrease hiring. 

Of those planning to hire, 80 percent of it will be in the U.S, the survey states. 

For companies that are not planning to hire new employees this year, 42 percent said they need to see increases in revenue before taking out a job ad, and 27 percent want to be sure the economy is actually headed upward.