DOT announces nearly $300 million for transit improvements

Six new streetcar and bus rapid transit projects will be funded with $130 million from the Federal Transit Administration's Urban Circulator Program, and 47 additional projects to upgrade bus services and facilities will receive more than $163 million from the FTA's Bus and Bus Livability Program.

"Streetcars are making a comeback because cities across America are recognizing that they can restore economic development downtown –- giving citizens the choice to move between home, shopping and entertainment without ever looking for a parking space,”  said FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff.  "These streetcar and bus livability projects will not only create construction jobs now, they will aid our recovery by creating communities that are more prosperous and less congested."

The six cities that will receive Urban Circulator money include Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas; Chicago, Ill.; St. Louis, Mo.; Charlotte, N.C.; and Cincinnati, Ohio. The six projects were selected from 65 applications totaling more than $1 billion in requests. 

Construction of bus facilities and new bus and bus-related purchases will move forward in the 31 states where 47 Bus and Bus Livability projects are located. These projects were selected from 281 applications totaling over $2 billion in funding requests.