Senate subcommittee approves about $15 billion to step up border activity

On top of that funding, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is slated for $5.55 billion, $27.4 million above the president’s request and $114.2 million above current levels. 

Funding includes $30 million for ICE to combat international trade in illicit drugs, weapons smuggling, human trafficking and crimes associated with violence along the Southwestern border.

The measure include $9 billion for the Coast Guard, including $254.5 million for overseas contingency operations. The Coast Guard also would get $6.971 billion for operating expenses, $165.3 million above fiscal 2010, rejecting the Obama administration's proposal to reduce Coast Guard billets by 1,112 and decommission five ships when only two new vessels are available to replace them. 

The bill restores $40.8 million and 876 military billets to maintain key assets and activities proposed for elimination in the president’s budget request, including two high endurance cutters, five Coast Guard Maritime Safety and security teams in New York/New Jersey. 

The Transportation Security Administration is slated for $5.67 billion, $414.8 million above last year's request, $355 million for in-line explosives detection systems at airports for checked baggage. An additional $250 million is provided for this activity through mandatory fees.

The bill includes $368.4 million for aviation regulation and enforcement, including $38.8 million to increase TSA’s international presence at high risk locations around the world. Also, $950 million for Federal Air Marshals, including a $90 million increase above FY 2010 to increase coverage on international flights in response to the December 25, 2009, failed terrorist attack on Northwest Flight 253.

Under the bill, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would receive $7.33 billion, $217 million above the president’s request and $36 million above fiscal 2010. Funding includes $4.2 billion for homeland security grants, $420 million for firefighter hiring grants, $390 million for firefighter equipment grants and $350 million for rail, transit and bus security, a $38 million increase over last year's levels.