Dem lawmaker: Hurricane would help my bill

Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) acknowledged that his legislation that would add wind coverage to the National Flood Insurance Program faces an uphill battle.

Lacking votes, House Democratic leaders pulled Taylor's bill from the floor last week.

The insurance industry and the Obama administration oppose Taylor's measure. The White House said in a statement last week that Taylor’s bill is unnecessary and could cost lead to higher insurance costs for consumers.

Taylor told The Hill, "I hate to say this, but another hurricane may have to happen" for the bill to pass.

Addressing damage to homes by high winds, Taylor said, "Nothing has changed since [Hurricane] Katrina."

The conservative Democrat is considering waiting until after the August recess, the heart of hurricane season, to revive the push for his legislation. 

"Timing is everything," Taylor said.

He also might call for Democratic leaders to vote on the bill this week.

After his house was destroyed by Katrina, Taylor sued his insurer, State Farm, for how it handled his claim. He later settled out of court.