Automakers bounce back in business industry poll

The federal government's bailout of the industry — GM and Chrysler accepted help in early 2009 — left a sour taste for consumers. 

The automobile industry now ranks in the middle of the list of 25 business industries and sectors rated Aug. 5-8 in Gallup's annual Work and Education Poll. 

The computer and restaurant industries, farming and agriculture, the grocery sector and the Internet received at least 50 percent positive ratings. 

Healthcare, banking, the federal government and the oil and gas industries got majority negative ratings.

Oil and gas received the worst ratings in the aftermath of BP's massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Only 20 percent thought positively about the industry, whereas 63 percent have a negative perception. 

The computer industry got the most positive reaction, with 60 percent saying they have positive views and only 11 percent reported as negative.

With the housing market struggling to mount a comeback, only 26 percent of those polled had a positive view of real estate, while 48 percent reported negative feelings. 

Airlines also only had 30 percent positive reaction versus a 41 percent negative reaction.