Voters divided on success of stimulus

The poll found 38 percent of voters responding to the survey believed the stimulus helped the economy, the same percentage as when the legislation was enacted in Feb. 2009. 

Thirty-six percent believe the bill has hurt the recovery and 21 percent say it has had no impact. Last month, 43 percent thought it had harmed the recovery. 

At the time the bill was signed into law, 29 percent thought it would hurt the economy and 24 percent said it would have little impact.  

Voters are also divided over how the government will react to the economic downturn that appears to be worse than originally expected. Forty-seven percent fear the government will do too much while 44 percent are concerned it won't do enough. 

Rasmussen tapped the opinions of 1,000 voters between Aug. 21 and 22 to get these results.