Bond Dealers of America expands

A Washington trade association for bond dealers is undergoing a revamp and adding new members.

The Regional Bond Dealers Association announced Tuesday that it has renamed itself the Bond Dealers of America and has added Minneapolis-based Piper Jaffray as a member. Piper has 25 offices in the United States, as well as in London and Hong Kong.

The association's membership has increased from 14 in 2008 to 35 firms this year. The association represents banks and securities firms in the U.S. fixed-income market.

"In a very short period, this association has become the established, go-to organization for the industry, as well as legislators and regulators seeking expert perspectives on U.S. fixed income markets," said Ken Williams, president and CEO of Stone & Youngberg and chair of the association, in a statement.

Other large members include Raymond James and Wells Fargo.