Campaign ad criticizes Reid on the economy

"Look out Sen. Reid, you can spin your record however you want, but you can't hide the fact that you are Obama's biggest cheerleader in the Senate," Tarkanian states in the ad. "We're telling the people of Nevada the truth about your votes for out-of-control spending, higher taxes, perks for lobbyists and more regulations on families and businesses. There are 1,001 reasons to vote you out of office, and we'll make sure voters hear all of them."

Each week the committee will release 50 to 100 of Reid's past votes and public comments through Regular mail and social networking outlets will also be used to educate voters on the senator's record. The committee has already released the first 100 votes. 

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll showed Reid and his Republican opponent Sharron Angle essentially in a dead-heat with both having 47 percent of voters' support.