Sestak fires back at Club for Growth ad

Sestak spokeswoman April Mellody argued the real spender is the congressman's Republican opponent, Rep. Pat Toomey.

"Former Wall Street derivatives trader, Congressman Toomey, led the biggest spending spree in history with all of the benefits lavished on Wall Street at the expense of the middle class," Mellody said. "So, it's not surprising that his Wall Street special interest friends are coming in from out of state to mislead Pennsylvanians about Joe's record. Pennsylvania understands that Joe Sestak has the practical solutions to create jobs and invest in the middle class rather than Wall Street."

The Club for Growth ad, which runs for the next 14 days, criticizes Sestak for supporting mortgage and energy reform and the stimulus bill, saying the votes were too liberal and too expensive for Pennsylvania voters.

"We can't afford Joe Sestak's liberal schemes," the ad states.

The commercial is the group's first against Sestak as he and Toomey vie for the seat currently held by Sen. Arlen Specter (D).