AFSCME touts Dems and the economy with $1.5 million ad buy

"While Democrats pushed through a jobs bill that kept the doors open at local schools, hospitals, and senior centers, Republicans voted to lay off hundreds of thousands of Americans," the ad states. "While Democrats looked out for us, paying for this bill by eliminating corporate loopholes, Republicans looked out for CEOs who shipped jobs overseas." 

The ads will run for two weeks in battleground states like Michigan, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

AFSCME President Gerald McEntee said the ads are a part of the union's $50 million push to educate voters about Democrats' accomplishments in the run-up to November's election. 

"We are going to do everything we can to make sure voters understand who worked to save our struggling economy and who chose to play politics with our lives and jobs," he said in prepared remarks. 

AFSCME will also be deploying more than 300 staffers to targeted districts around the country to engage in member education and get-out-the-vote drives.