Clear majority opposes another round of spending

Obama has not called the new proposal a stimulus bill, but it does seeks to boost the sagging economy much like the $787 billion stimulus bill Congress passed last year. 

"The administration has been careful not to call the new spending a second stimulus plan, although Republicans and others view it that way," states a release on the Rasmussen survey. 

The poll found that 31 percent of respondents support a second stimulus bill, which is up from a year ago last March when 27 percent of voters backed the passage of a second stimulus. 

Last year's poll also found that 55 percent opposed a second stimulus, the same percentage as this year. 

Still, 63 percent of voters currently believe it is somewhat likely that Congress will try and pass another stimulus package this year despite a majority of voters opposing the idea. 

Voters also remain split on whether the first stimulus helped the economy, with 38 percent believing it helped and 36 percent saying it made things worse. 

The survey tapped the opinion of 1,000 likely voters between Sept. 4 and 5.