Polls show many OK with ending Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

A poll by Gallup came to a similar conclusion Friday. 

It also found that 44 percent of those polled want tax cuts for individuals making less than $200,000 and families under $250,000 to be extended, but favor phasing out tax cuts for people who earn more than those thresholds.

"With about one in three Americans, including a minority of independents and Democrats, in favor of extending the Bush-era tax cuts for all taxpayers, Democrats may not be putting themselves at great political risk by allowing the tax cuts to expire for wealthy Americans," Gallup states. "In fact, the middle ground of extending tax cuts for low- and middle-income Americans but allowing them to expire for wealthy Americans — the Democrats' most likely proposal — is the specific option the public prefers most."

Rasmussen came to a different conclusion. It's poll found 40 percent of voters say a tax hike on the wealthy would be bad for the economy, while 35 percent say it would help the economy.

The Senate is expected to take the lead on extending the Bush tax cuts shortly after it completes work on legislation providing tax relief and credit extensions to small businesses.