Report links interdependency between large and small businesses

"Parent operations of U.S. multinational companies buy nearly a quarter of all goods and services they use as inputs in their production from U.S. small businesses — more than an estimated $1.5 trillion annually," a release on the report states. "Every $1 billion in new exports by large U.S. companies would result in approximately $174 million in new purchases of goods and services from America's small businesses."

President Obama has signaled that he is open to increasing trade with other nations. 

The report points out that, collectively, U.S. multinational companies account for about 12.3 percent of total sales of U.S. small businesses. If trade were to increase, sales would likely improve for small businesses. 

"This study underscores that supplier-buyer relationship between American small businesses and large U.S. multinationals is a fundamental and entrenched aspect of our economy," said Roundtable Chairman and CEO of Verizon Communications Ivan Seidenberg in prepared remarks. "Large companies are major customers of small businesses and play a critical role in their growth and success. American business — small and large together — drives economic growth and job creation."