Democrats reveal little on Bush tax cuts at presser

"We're going to make sure, at some point in time before the tax code goes up for middle-class working Americans that it does not go up," Hoyer told reporters. "We're going to keep taxes low for working Americans. That's our objective." 

He added, "We'll see, from that point in time, over the next week or so, what happens here and in the United States Senate and then we'll have a better idea how we can proceed to accomplish that goal."

At tonight's Democratic Caucus meeting the leaders are expected to see if they have the votes to extend only those tax cuts for the middle-class. 

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), who supports a temporary extension of all Bush tax cuts, thinks the votes are there to continue relief only for the middle-class. 

"I would assume so," he told The Hill. "Even Mr. Boehner said he'd vote for it."