Dozens of groups to call for end to Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

"Millions of people are out of work and small businesses are hurting," USAction program director Cassandra McKee said in prepared remarks. "Yet John BoehnerJohn BoehnerNew Trump campaign boss took shots at Ryan on radio show Election reveals Paul Ryan to be worst speaker in U.S. history Getting rid of ObamaCare means getting rid of Hillary MORE and Mitch McConnellMitch McConnellSanders, Merkley back McConnell decision to skip TPP vote John McCain: No longer a profile in courage McConnell: Senate won't take up TPP this year MORE want to spend $700 billion over the next ten years to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of taxpayers. This is the tax fight of 2010. Will we travel a patch that is unaffordable and unsustainable or will we bring fiscal responsibility to Washington?"

The fate of the Bush tax cuts has gotten murkier since lawmakers returned to Washington just a few days ago. As an increasing number of Democrats join Republicans in wanting to extend all of the tax cuts, Democratic leaders have become more entrenched in calling for only the middle-class tax cuts to survive beyond December.

The division is making it more likely that Congress will not address the issue until after November's election, according to several sources. If accurate, lawmakers will have less than two months to reach an agreement on the tax cuts before they expire in January and every paycheck in America gets hit with a tax hike.