Bright reiterates call to extend all Bush tax cuts

"As small businesses struggle to survive, millions of American continue to search for jobs, and senior citizens worry about savings, it is critical that we maintain policies that create the conditions for economic recovery," he wrote. "For these reasons, I respectfully urge you to bring legislation extending these vital tax relief measures to the floor for a vote before we adjourn."

Bright sent a similar letter to Democratic leaders in January and is part of a growing a chorus of more than 30 House Democratic lawmakers who have called to extend all Bush tax cuts beyond their Dec. 31 expiration date.

Like other lawmakers, Bright is concerned that ending the tax cuts will hinder economic recovery efforts.  

"I remain concerned about the size of the federal deficit and strongly support returning our nation to a patch of fiscal stability," he writes. "However, allowing the 2001 and 2003 tax rates to expire at the end of 2010, before our economy fully recovers, may significantly hinder job growth and in the long run reduce our ability to bring our deficit under control by limiting economic expansion during this crucial period." 

Bright faces a tough reelection bid as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has backed his challenger, Republican councilwoman Martha RobyMartha Dubina RobyBrooks’s prior attacks on Trump could hurt in Alabama Senate race How the GOP came to dominate, and be dominated by, rural voters House GOP not sold on Ryan’s tax reform plan MORE. He also opposed healthcare reform.