Van Hollen: GOP plan to kill Recovery Act will kill jobs

"This plan will terminate over 60,000 contracts and awards, and extinguish more than $200 billion in economic activity at a critical moment," Van Hollen said in prepared remarks. 

"The result will be to put the brakes on the fragile recovery, kill thousands of new jobs, and create massive uncertainty when the economy needs stability," he added.

Republicans are slated to unveil their new "Contract with America" later this week that outlines their legislative agenda. 

Some expect the GOP will gain enough seats in November's elections to take back the House next year, and possibly the Senate. 

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) is the heir apparent for the role of Speaker if Republicans take the House. 

In August, Boehner outlined some of the goals that will be included in the new contract, like continuing current tax law for at least two years and returning spending to 2008 levels. Dismantling the new healthcare law and tinkering with Social Security are expected to be a part of the package as well.

Van Hollen states that cutting funds for the Recovery Act is also a Republican priority. He argues the legislation created millions of jobs that saved the country from another Great Depression. 

"Repealing this funding... would mean taking contracts and grants back from small businesses and other entities that will use it to create jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, and provide necessary services," the congressman said.

"Repealing Recovery Act funding, along with holding middle-clas tax cuts hostage, privatizing Social Security, and dismantling Medicare, are part of an agenda that will have disastrous consequences for our economy and threaten the economic security of middle-class families."