Hoyer: Extending middle-class tax cuts top priority in lame-duck

"Our top priority will be extending middle-class tax cut, which have been held hostage by Republicans who want to give tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans that would add $700 billion to the deficit," he said. 

House members are scheduled to return to Capitol Hill Nov. 15 and will be in session the entire week, Hoyer said. The House will also be in session the entire week of Nov. 29. 

"When we return to session, I hope Republicans will stop holding middle-class tax cuts hostage, and instead join us in preventing a tax increase on hard-working families," Hoyer said. 

Senate Democrats have also vowed to make a vote on the Bush tax cuts their first order of business in the lame-duck. The estate tax is another issue Senate Democrats would like to address after the elections.