Rep. Levin announces outsourcing event

The issue has resonated with voters and Democrats will continue talking about it to distinguish themselves from their Republican challengers in the upcoming election. 

"Preventing outsourcing has been a central focus of legislation passed by the Congress this year, with key initiatives to prevent abuse of foreign tax credits and outsourcing law recently," states the Ways and Means announcement on the upcoming press event. "House Republicans have repeatedly voted against cracking down on tax loopholes that promote investment and ship jobs overseas."

Several Democratic lawmakers up for reelection are using the outsourcing issue in ads to differentiate themselves from their GOP challengers.

Before adjourning to campaign for the elections, Senate Democratic leaders failed to prevent further outsourcing in legislation providing a payroll tax holiday to companies that shifted overseas jobs to the U.S. The bill also limited deferral, which aided its undoing. Lawmakers in both parties have said that deferral should only be addressed in the context of overall tax reform.