Majority of people polled angry about the economy

With the November midterm elections rapidly approaching, a majority of people asked about the economy are either angry about it or dissatisfied about it, according to an ABC News/Yahoo! News poll released Tuesday.

In the recent survey, 85 percent said they are angry about the nation's economic condition, with 54 percent blaming both parties equally. Still more people — 35 percent of those polled — are angry at Democrats, while only 10 percent are mad at Republicans, who are the minority in the House and the Senate. 

Among registered voters, 12 percent of Democrats are angry about the economic condition of the country, while 30 percent of independents say they're mad, with that number rising to 41 percent of Republicans.

Also in the poll, only 34 percent of those asked said the economy is recovering, compared with 45 percent in February. 

The economy has shown signs of modest growth but persistently high levels of unemployment are holding back key contributors to the recovery including consumer spending, which amounts to about 70 percent of the economy, as people choose to pay down debt and sock away any extra cash. 

Nearly a majority of Democrats — 46 percent — say the economy has started recovering, whereas that drops to 31 percent for independents and 24 percent for Republicans.