Study: Healthcare reform a financial hit to firms

The survey tapped the opinions of 224 company leaders whose businesses averaged $256 million in enterprise revenue/sales, and comes on the heels of reports that companies like McDonald's have threatened to abandon health insurance coverage for their workers unless a deal is brokered to lower their cost. 

One issue troubling executives is adjusting to reform while trying to accommodate for the coming tax hikes included in the new law. 

"It's possible this could create a cash flow issue as CEOs look to continue reinvesting in their business," said Ken Esch, a partner in the firm's Private Company Services practice, in prepared remarks. 

Over half of the respondents (52 percent) are likely to significantly change employee contributions for medical coverage. Of the 11 percent of respondents whose healthcare plans cover retirees, 46 percent are likely to significantly change their current retiree plans because of healthcare reform. 

"The potential business impact of health reform is just one among a host of issues, regulatory, legislative, economic, that's creating uncertainty for CEO's right now," Esch said.

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