Poll: Incumbents that backed bailout, stimulus face tough reelection

"Incumbents, beware: The major votes you've cast in Congress over the past couple years appear likely to come back and haunt you this Election Day," Rasmussen stated. 

The warning includes healthcare reform, with half of those surveyed saying they would not vote for a candidate who backed the reform. 

The poll states that these votes "appear to be driving factors in the GOP's consistent lead over Democrats on the Generic Congressional Ballot."

Democratic and Republican respondents largely backed their parties' positions on these issues. Independents, on the other hand, fell in the Republicans' camp. 

"Tellingly, voters not affiliated with either party also feel strongly that supporters of the healthcare law, the auto bailouts and the stimulus should not be returned to Congress," the poll stated.  

The poll tapped the opinions of 1,000 likely voters between Oct. 18-19.