Goolsbee spars with Stewart over the economic recovery

"We'll get all the money back," Goolsbee said. 

"They're not paying back our money," Stewart said. 

"I think they are," Goolsbee responded. 

"They're not paying back our money," Stewart said.  

Although there were a few laughs, Goolsbee fielded tough questions during his brief interview with Stewart, who is doing his show this week from Washington leading up to Saturday's "Rally to Restore Sanity."

"We're growing our way out of these problems," Goolsbee said during the brief interview. 

"Oh, so you're going to jump right in?" Stewart chimed back.  

Stewart pressed Goolsbee on why unemployment has remained at "10 percent." 

"9.6," Goolsbee said. 

"It will remain higher than the president wants it to be for the immediate period, I think that's true," Goolsbee added. 

"Why hasn't anything worked?" Stewart asked. 

Goolsbee said it "takes a significant amount of work to get out of a hole like that" of the current recession.

"We've had nine straight months of private sector job growth," he said, acknowledging that there isn't enough job creation to speed up and fuel the economic recovery. 

The stimulus, Goolsbee insists, saved "millions of jobs" that would've been lost otherwise.