Job creation indexes showing signs of improvement

Among private sector managers, 23 percent say their firms are hiring, while the same number say their firms are letting people go, a slight improvement from August.  

Typically, an increase in the index suggests that the government's jobs report will be stronger than the month before, according to Rasmussen. 

Overall, job conditions appear to be fairly similar across most of the country, with more employees in every region reporting that their companies are hiring than saying their companies are letting employees go. Job conditions remain relatively weaker in the West than in the rest of the nation, which could be linked to the struggling housing market. 

Still, conditions in the West did bounce back in October to their August level of +6, a two-year high, Gallup said.

Meanwhile, federal government employees report a surge in hiring during October to +17, with 39 percent saying their employer was adding people and 22 percent saying it was letting people go, according to Gallup. 

State (-8) and local (-12) government employees continue to report less hiring and comparatively more employees being let go, although the local government situation appears to have improved slightly last month, the Gallup report said. 

In the Rasmussen poll, 76 percent of workers say they are happy with their current jobs, the highest level of satisfaction measured since May of last year.