Chrysler won’t support South Korea trade deal

Chrysler noted in a statement that it had “supported every free trade agreement negotiated by the U.S. government,” but said “we cannot support this agreement in its current form."

“The United States is already open to Korean vehicles and that’s why the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement must be used to fully and irreversibly open Korea to American-made vehicles.”

Ford has been a louder voice against the deal. It launched an aggressive advertising campaign against the agreement last week.

The third big U.S. automaker, GM, owns South Korea’s fourth-largest automaker and has been quieter about the agreement. But any concessions granted to the U.S. for Ford and Chrysler could also benefit GM.

The Obama administration hopes to have reached a deal on the agreement that would allow it to be presented to Congress by the time the president leaves Seoul later this week.