Geithner made bet on trendy yoga store

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner owns about $1,000 worth of stock in the trendy yoga clothing retailer Lululemon, according to financial disclosure forms. 

Geithner purchased shares in the Canadian company a few years ago to teach his two children about the market, press aide Steve Adamske told Bloomberg. 

The Geithners have done pretty well with their pick. Since Lululemon’s July 2007 initial public offering, the company has posted a 165 percent return. The company's stock is up 59 percent this year.

Lululemon has a "cultlike status" and is known for its reusable tote bags and pricey workout clothes. For example, the store sells the $58 “Ta Ta Tamer” sports bra and $98 “Groove” pants.  

Government officials try to avoid conflicts between their jobs and their personal lives by divesting company stocks from their investment portfolios. 

Geithner owns $1,000 to $15,000 worth of IBM stock, which he inherited. Disclosure forms provide values of stock in ranges.