House Republican leaders will vote on earmark ban

The statement was a prebuttal to the president's weekly address to the nation to be released on Saturday, in which he discusses earmark reform. The address is embargoed for release until Saturday morning.

BoehnerJohn BoehnerFormer House leader Bob Michel, a person and politician for the ages Former House GOP leader Bob Michel dies at 93 Keystone pipeline builder signs lobbyist MORE and Cantor called on the president to veto bills that go to his desk with earmark spending.

"If the President is committed to real earmark reform, he could demonstrate that immediately by agreeing to veto any spending measure this year or next that includes earmarks," the said. "Washington has failed to prioritize the way that taxpayer dollars are spent, and shutting down the earmark process is a good first step to begin righting the ship," they stated after "urging" him to direct House Democrats to hold a vote on a similar ban of earmarks.