Poll: Unemployment drops to 9.2 percent in November

"Although many economists and politicians continue to complain about the Federal Reserve's efforts to inject money into the economy, it may be that anticipation of this aggressive Fed policy has increased economic optimism among the nation's business leaders," today's poll said. "In turn, this could be leading to more companies being willing to hire."

Heading into the holiday season, "this is good news for retailers and the overall economy."

Since September, the percentage of part-time workers seeking full-time jobs declined slightly to 8.5 percent of the workforce in mid-November, a new low for the year. While only a modest improvement from the 8.6 percent in mid-October, it's well below the 9.2 percent of mid-September.

The decline in the unemployment rate, along with the slight drop in the percentage of part-time workers wanting full-time work, brought underemployment down to 17.7 percent — its lowest level of 2010. This is an improvement from the 18.6 percent in mid-October and mid-September and is the second-consecutive new low.