Unemployment rates mostly unchanged in states, regions

The national jobless rate was unchanged in October at 9.6 percent but was down from 10.1 percent a year earlier.

The October report showed 14 states and the District of Columbia had jobless rates of at-or-above the national average. 

States at the center of the housing industry slowdown continued to post double-digit unemployment rates. 

Nevada led the way with the nation's highest unemployment rate at 14.2 percent in October, followed by Michigan at 12.8 percent and California at 12.4 percent. 

They are three of eight states posting double-digit jobless rates — Florida (11.9 percent), Kentucky (10.1 percent), Oregon (10.5 percent), Rhode Island (11.4 percent) and South Carolina (10.7 percent.

North Dakota reported the lowest jobless rate at 3.8 percent, followed by South Dakota and Nebraska, at 4.5 and 4.7 percent, respectively. 

In total, 27 states posted jobless rates significantly lower than the national figure of 9.6 percent, while five states recorded measurably higher rates.