White House moves to clamp down on document leaks

Lew’s memo calls for each agency that handles classified information to establish “a security assessment team consisting of counterintelligence, security and information assurance experts to review the agency’s implementation of procedures for safeguarding classified information against improper disclosures."

The review should include an “evaluation of the agency’s configuration of classified government systems to ensure that users do not have broader access than is necessary to do their jobs effectively, as well as implementation of restrictions on usage of, and removable media capabilities from, classified government computer networks."

Lew said OMB, the Information Security Oversight Office and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will assist agencies in their review of how to better protect classified information. 

WikiLeaks previously leaked documents related to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that U.S. officials warned could put the lives of U.S. troops and their allies in danger.

Lew said the most recent document dump also “has resulted in significant damage to our national security.”