Lewis targets Democratic pet programs, Rogers touts generosity in gavel race

Lewis would also slash funding for a range of climate change related spending items: he would cut funding for Department of Energy climate change research, eliminated funding for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change talks, currently meeting in Cancun, Mexico, and slashing contributions to the World Bank Clean Technology Fund.

Overall Lewis said he plans to cut more than $100 billion in spending compared to President Obama’s last budget, repeal unobligated stimulus funding and pass the largest spending rescission bill in history.

Rogers in his presentation made many of the same points as Lewis did. He promised to enforce and uphold an earmarks moratorium, emphasized defunding the Obama healthcare reform act.

He also decided to emphasize his generosity in helping other members get elected. The Rogers presentation notes that he has “directly assisted 59 of this historic class of new members” and has raised nearly $6 million for the GOP in six years.

Kingston’s presentation, leaked Monday, emphasized a resurrecting the 1980s Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit cutting mechanism.