Former Treasury Secretary Paulson loses $1 million selling D.C. home

Paulson in 2006 paid $4.3 million for the home, near the National Cathedral and the official home of the vice president in northwest Washington. He listed it for $4.6 million when putting it up for sale in April, and later lowered it to $4.15 million. 

But it did not sell until Dec. 21, when it was bought for $3.25 million, good for a 24.4 percent drop in value.

The former head of Goldman Sachs is expected to weather the loss fairly well. His net worth was estimated to be as much as $700 million in 2008.

And Paulson has seen a nice return on a major professional investment. The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), which Paulson originally conceived, was once estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to cost the government at least $350 billion. Its most recent estimate puts the cost as low as $25 billion.