Washington Post calls on Obama to get specific on deficit

The Washington Post editorial page on Monday morning called on President Obama to get specific in the State of the Union with a plan to tackle the national debt and said that so far, the editorial board is not persuaded Obama is serious about the problem.

“Time is running out for Mr. Obama to propose those hard choices and, more important, to fight for their adoption and implementation. We do not doubt the sincerity of his concern about the nation's precarious fiscal state. But we remain unpersuaded, and increasingly concerned, about the seriousness of his resolve to do something about it,” the editorial states.

It states that conservatives are wrong to insist on massive cuts right away, since this would endanger the economic recovery, but liberals are wrong to keep entitlements off the table. It calls on Obama to hew a middle path.

“Sensible adjustments now will avoid the need for greater injury later and can be accomplished in a way that protects those in greatest need. Mr. Obama has, so far, been willing to say ... none of this,” the editors write.” On the contrary, the default impulse has been to solve political differences by taking out the checkbook: an extension of tax cuts for the wealthy here, a payroll tax holiday there.”