Chamber creates chart of Dodd-Frank rules

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants the public to visualize the extensive rulemaking underway to implement the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul, and it's made an interactive image to do so.

The major business lobby has crafted an interactive tool hundreds of clickable bubbles, which each represent a regulatory effort required by Dodd-Frank. The chamber, which has repeatedly warned of the "regulatory tsunami" heading for businesses thanks to financial and healthcare reform, wants people to be able to see exactly what that amount looks like.

“This chart is a sobering reminder of exactly what nearly 500 new rulemakings looks like,” said Amanda Engstrom, senior vice president of the chamber’s Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness. “It would take hours and hours to go through and read every rule on this chart.  Just imagine how long it will take agencies to sift through this confusing web of regulation, leaving America’s business owners stuck with tremendous uncertainty as they work to create American jobs.”

The chart is available here.