Reid opposes McCaskill-Corker bill capping spending

Reid said that he is “happy” to be standing in the way of bipartisan attempts to reform Social Security as part of a deficit reduction package.

“If I am standing in their way, good!” he told reporters. 

On the other hand, Reid said that he is moving forward to facilitate a long-term deficit solution, minus reductions in Social Security benefits. 

He said that last week he met with Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) to discuss a way forward. Conrad has proposed that his committee take the lead in forming a budget plan that goes beyond the traditional five-year resolution his committee is charged with producing. He wants such a plan before the nation's debt ceiling is reached this spring, forcing a showdown between the White House and congressional Republicans. 

Conrad has called for a fiscal summit with leaders from both parties and the White House but has not gotten support for the idea. 

Reid said his staff is meeting with Conrad’s staff on these matters.