Club for Growth urges ‘no’ vote on CR less than $100B

Club for Growth vice president Andy Roth said that at this point, his organization is talking about the upcoming House vote, not an eventual vote on whatever comes back from the Senate.

The House Appropriations Committee was scrambling Thursday to come up with additional cuts after freshmen balked at a committee bill only cutting $58 billion in non-security discretionary spending compared to the Obama 2011 budget proposal. 

That bill would have cut $74 billion overall, with $16 billion coming from security spending.

Like the Republican Study Committee, the Club is seeking the cut compared to the Obama 2011 budget, not the current level of spending, which remains roughly at 2010 levels.

Roth said that $16 billion should not be counted toward the total, but it appeared Thursday that appropriations is seeking to count the $16 billion to reach the magic $100 billion number.

The Heritage Foundation also wants the cut total to be made without pulling from security funding.

“We will make $100 billion in discretionary cuts while making common sense exceptions for our troops and veterans – just as the Pledge promises,” House Appropriations Committee spokeswoman Jennifer Hing said Thursday.

The Pledge to America did not use the term "non-security discretionary spending," although GOP officials later used the term.