Taxpayers Union backs two-week continuing resolution

Senate Democrats, who haven't put forth a detailed plan, said last week that House Republican's short-term bill is more palatable and lawmakers are working across the Capitol the reach an agreement. The House Rules Committee approved the CR on Monday night, teeing it up for action as early as Tuesday. 

The two-week continuing resolution should help the vital process of deficit reduction by ending near-sighted political games over a government shutdown, and beginning a far-sighted discussion of spending and budgetary reform," Moylan said.

The House had passed a seven-month bill that would last through the end of the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, that cuts $61 billion from current spending. The stopgap measure freezes spending at 2010 levels since Congress didn't push through a new budget to provide funding for 2011. 

In the long-term bill, NTU supported numerous amendments to reduce spending levels, including proposals to strip funding for an alternate engine on the F-35 fighter, removing Davis-Bacon wage requirements on projects as well as a Republican Study Committee amendment to cut another $19 billion in non-security discretionary spending.

On Feb. 17, Moylan testified before the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee where he identified $3.1 trillion in spending reductions and offered suggestions for restructuring entitlement programs.