Boehner 'being bossed around' by freshmen, Reid camp charges

John BoehnerJohn BoehnerIt's time for McConnell to fight with Trump instead of against him How Republicans can bring order out of the GOP's chaos Republican donor sues GOP for fraud over ObamaCare repeal failure MORE charged Reid with having no serious plan to cut spending, and jabbed at the Senate's top Democrat for not having taken action on the House-passed bill funding government for the rest of the fiscal year, which cuts $61 billion from the budget. That passed last month.

Reid and President Obama have rejected that bill. In the interim, the Senate is set Wednesday morning to approve a bill funding the government for an additional two weeks, at reduced levels, beyond Friday, when the budget runs out. 

Summers pointed to that vote as a concrete sign of the Senate's action on spending, hitting the Speaker in the meanwhile.

"It's surprising that the Speaker of the House is unaware that the Senate is voting on a bill to fund the government and cut spending this morning," he said.

"Remember that the bill the Senate will pass today is the same plan Mr. Summers labeled 'reckless' and 'extreme' last week," Boehner spokesman Michael Steel shot back.

Updated 10:52 a.m.

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