Ex-consumer bureau official to consult for banks

The firm, Fenway Summer, will be based in Washington, Date told American Banker. The former banker said he plans continue focusing on consumer finance issues in his new role.

“There is a ton of opportunity to build and refine consumer finance into a better industry,” Date, the managing partner of the new firm, told the magazine. “We're really on the cusp of being able to have financial companies that are more transparent to customers in a way that's more efficient to operate; and to take advantage of data and analytical tools that five years ago didn't even exist."

The firm pays homage to Date’s Boston upbringing, according to the magazine, and will offer services such as “advising large financial companies, supporting merger and acquisitions through private equity partnership and incubating startup businesses.”

Date served many roles at the consumer bureau since its inception in 2010, before resigning this year. He helped craft many of the CFPB's mortgage rules released in January

Before that, he worked at both Capital One and Deustche Bank – leaving the Wall Street world behind in 2009 to work for a nonprofit think tank, called Cambridge Winter Center for Financial Institution Policy, dedicated to financial regulation.

Before his departure at the end of January, a CFPB spokeswoman told The Hill he had no plans "other than spending time with his family."

"His legacy is a consumer bureau grounded in data-driven analysis, market-based pragmatism and the real-world experiences of American consumers," Jen Howard, the spokeswoman at the bureau, said at the time.  

- Peter Schroeder contributed