Rules committee to recommend two-year budget cycle

The committee will note that Obama does endorse adopting a process similar to the line-item veto called enhanced rescission. Under that process Obama would be able to float a bill canceling wasteful spending in an appropriations bill soon after that bill is enacted, and the rescission bill would have an up or down vote in Congress.

Budget Committee ranking member Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) introduced a bill Friday establishing this authority, but he has not been able to attract House Republican co-sponsors yet.

The Rules Committee will also credit Obama with endorsing limits on the use of advance appropriations provisions. These provisions fund programs beyond one fiscal year and can be used to provide funding in excess of concurrent budget resolutions.

The Rules Committee will tout the fact it adopted a CUTGO requirement this year, requiring all spending increases be offset by spending cuts; that it eliminated a rule allowing the debt ceiling to be raised automatically as a result of the budget resolution being adopted

Under House rules, each committee must deliver its view and estimates on the budget within six weeks of its Feb. 14 release.