Sessions expresses concern over budget office nominee

Although Sessions vowed to provide Higginbottom with "a fair and thorough hearing" he noted that "she has a remarkable absence of relevant experience. Instead, her experience is political, such as her work on the Obama presidential campaign."

"My fear is that Ms. Higgonbottom’s nomination may be akin to appointing a wartime general who has never had a day of military service," he said. 

Sessions outlined his broader concerns over the nation's fiscal condition and his issues with the White House's fiscal 2012 budget proposal. 

"This hearing also occurs at a time when I have growing concerns about the lack of candor from this White House when it comes to our nation’s fiscal challenges," he said. 

Sessions questioned statements by President Obama and budget director Jack LewJack Lew3 unconventional ways Trump can tackle the national debt One year later, the Iran nuclear deal is a success by any measure Chinese President Xi says a trade war hurts the US and China MORE who have said the fiscal 2012 budget request will help put the nation's fiscal house back.

"Not one of these claims is true," he said. "And yet the White House has persisted in its irresponsible presentation.

"If we are to confront our growing budget crisis we need fact-based budgeting, not fantasy budgeting."

Obama nominated Higginbottom in early January saying at the time that "she understands the relationship between numbers on a ledger and the lives of real people."

"As we make cuts that are necessary to rein in the deficit, I want to make sure I’ve got Heather there so that we’re meeting our fundamental obligations to our people and to our economy as well,” Obama said. 

Higginbottom is a former aide to Sen. John KerryJohn KerryCongress, Trump need a united front to face down Iran One year ago today we declared ISIS atrocities as genocide Trump’s realism toward Iran is stabilizing force for Middle East MORE (D-Mass.) and served as a policy director for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

If confirmed by the Senate, Higginbottom will replace Rob Nabors, who is now the White House's legislative director.