Fiscal groups call for Planned Parenthood defunding

Fifty-four House Republicans voted against that three-week continuing resolution in part because it did not contain riders, and many have vowed to block any more short-term bills.

If a new short-term spending bill is needed, some conservatives, such as the influential economist Keith Hennessey, have called on GOP leaders to “ratchet up” their demands the next time around to satisfy critics.

Instead of cutting $2 billion per week, as the GOP has done, the next bill should cut $3 billlion, he said in a blog post last week. And one of the riders should be pushed as well, he said. Hennessey suggested the rider defunding EPA's regulation of greenhouse gases could enjoy the broadest GOP support, but this was before the new letter from the 29 groups.

Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry ReidStates urged to bolster election security How the White House got rolled on the Saudi-9/11 bill No GOP leaders attending Shimon Peres funeral MORE (D-Nev.) last week set down a marker that he will not accept any funding bill that strips Planned Parenthood of federal dollars. Its inclusion in the next bill, or a House bill funding the government through Sept. 30, therefore raises the prospect of a government shutdown. Current government funding runs out April 8.