Gallup: Keeping manufacturing best way to create jobs

The White House called the job numbers a sign that incentives for business to invest were helping grow the economy, adding that it would look for other ways to invest in areas such as infrastructure, clean energy and education.  

For their part, Republicans also called the numbers a good sign, but have also gone on the attack against what they term the excessive government regulations and high taxes that stifle job creation.

President Obama went on the offensive during last year’s midterm elections against corporations that ship jobs overseas, saying Republicans had sided with companies over American workers.

Both Republicans and Democrats cited keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States as the top job creator in the Gallup poll. That idea also came in first in a November Gallup survey, though it has become seven percentage points more popular in the last four months.

Republicans ranked lowering taxes and reducing government regulations and involvement second and third, respectively, in the poll. Democrats put creating more infrastructure work second and doing more to help small business third.